Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm In The Business Of Misery

A shirt printing stall was opened in a local mall here in our city. After knowing it, I rushed to the mall just to get a shirt printed. I was so happy that this stall opened because I've been searching for a shirt printing store for so many years and finally I found one. My motive for the shirt was a print of Toma Ikuta *lol* I really like this Japanese celebrity because of his cuteness and hilariousness. So here's the motive of my shirt (Before & After) I used Picnik for editing the photo, I'm not so good at Photoshop yet.

When the shirt was already given to me, I wore it right away. I also made a handmade bow/ribbon using recycled jeans that was hiding in our old cabinet. I was also planning to make the bow/ribbon as a hair clip and a ring but it did not turn out so well. I landed up making it to a necklace.




  1. thanks, I followed you too . Do u knw Ikuta toma ?? :DD

  2. Kyaaa i luv that´s so *_____* Really good job girl! x3