Farewell Summer.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

OOO it's June! Our class started today. JGH 2 hours ago and I'm so glad that there's no class later at 4:00pm-7:00pm and yes, my schedule suckzzz.  ZZZ T___T And yeah, I would like to share what I've found on the depths of le computer files. I found these photos and realized they were taken a year ago. Just want to post them because they're all yummehhh. I hope I can post something better. Hmm... I don't know yet. And oh yeah by the way I just watched the first five minutes of DICK FIGURES MOVIE. I am so happy! It's not yet a movie because Dick Figures is a YouTube series and the makers of Dick Figures must raise $250,000 to make the Dick Figures Movie possible. So guys please help raise some fund and be a part to make Dick Figures Movie possible!

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