Friday, April 29, 2011

Heiress Diary

Today is Friday and I am ending my Friday with this post. As I said earlier on my recent post, I'm going to show you the diary that I just got. Well here it is, "YOUR HEIRESS DIARY" by Paris Hilton. Just like I said before, I am very into diaries when I was still young (YOUNGER). I place it in a simple notepad and now it's lost because of my carelessness. Okay, sorry for repetition of words and stuff. My first diary before was a Disney Princess covered diary (childhood days), it was very simple and handy. When I was writing on it way back when I was still in sixth grade, there are so many bad things that I placed in there. There's lot of curse and fucking rants about people and myself.  So when I saw the diary (The Paris Hilton Vlah), it was very thick and very huge. The stuff inside the diary is very pink, girly, and it's not meant for me. There's lot of cute stuffs in the diary like Paris Hilton's quotes, dresses, shoes, hair, flirting tips (eww), dating tips (WTF?!), friendship tips, and more on girl stuffs. It's also like a autograph book because there are so many questions about yourself/myself that you/I have to answer. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW  HOW TO ANSWER IT! :P Maybe soon, I'll share some of the features of the diary. I wish the diary that they gave me was not about Paris Hilton. I hope it was from a younger awesome-er celebrity, like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, or maybe Avril Lavigne and I'd really give it to my very berry strawberry friend, Kate! I have no clearer picture of the diary, but this is what I can show you for now...

Now let me share to you the usual things I do every day. Since my summer is boring, here are some of my weapons *lol* to kill no mercy to boredom. Let me clarify the 4th object, it's not part of my weapons and its just a chorva/churvabells. I made a mistake in editing the photo... Blah, blah, blah just don't mind the necklace. Now I'm going to start how does these weapons work *lol*

1.) IPOD: Plays music (DUH!) Makes me hold concerts in the bathroom. (Shh...)
2.)  PSP: Murdering the villains and crashing cars time! I use whenever I'm bored and when I'm done holding my concerts. LOL
3.) CHOCOLATES: Yummiest brown/black thing ever.
5.) HEADPHONES: It's the one giving me the sound waves. My iPod's partner in crime.
6.) DIARY: I'm not going to write something on it yet. Ze penmanship kills! But I have fun holding its glossy pages (weird) and looking at Paris Hilton's photos 'coz she's hot. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, it's the end of my post. This post is very random since I have nothing to post something good. I am very sorry for that. Hope you read the whole post and I'd be so happy to hear if you did or even just the half part. LOL, Please leave comments if you want and follow my blog and I will follow back too. Thank you so much! :* May all of you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All that Glitters

My summer is very boring. Yes, BORING. I am so bored and I do not know what to do. It's summer and its supposed to be fun! But I've been very busy in some few things which help to get rid of my boredom moments. Yesterday, it was very unexpected because a package arrived loaded with chocolates and cool stuff. Then I had this book, or should I say a diary perhaps by Paris Hilton. It's an Heiress diary and I do not know what to do with it. I am really into DIARIES before but I lost all of them all 'coz I just wrote it in a simple notepad. It was when I was still very young. But now, I got this diary and it's very thick and very big from an ordinary diary. I don't feel writing something on it because the sheets are so glossy and I know that my handwriting would destroy it! HAHA! :)) Maybe I'll be posting it next or maybe the next next. Oh well, let me share these photos that I found randomly on Google and Tumblr. (I do not own any of those photos) Shoes and nails that glitters which I describe totally awesome \mm/  

That's all for today. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Please leave a comment if you want and if you want me to follow you just tell me coz I will! :) 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Space-Saver Rooms

One more year and high school life is over! But I am not excited :/ High school is just so fun and memorable, relaxing and less worries. Then next would be college which is a total challenge for me. I still don't know what course to choose. It's very confusing and I don't know what career I heartily want to pursue. When I was still in elementary, I really want to be an architect and it's my first choice. But my mom doesn't want me to study for it, so I'd rather follow her. So enough with the blah... I'm going to share some photos of rooms that saves space without lacking of style. They're incredibly awesome and I so want to have all of them! So here they are:

The rooms are so cool right? I must have one of them someday. Hahahahaha! BTW, there's an offer from my friend this summer... I need to pay Php 1000 for me to have a trip in Dagupan for only one day. Everything that I'll be needing will be there. Should I go or no? But I guess my mother won't allow me. So, NO. But come on! It's summer!!!

 Having a new president also means having a new money. This is my first look of the new Philippine money. That's it! Thank you for visiting!

Friday, April 1, 2011

First Try in Contact Lenses

Before our prom, I planned to purchase contact lenses so that I could try wearing one already. I was really having hard time on what optical shop will I choose. My friends says, better not to wear one during prom.  The doctor gave me trial on how to wear contact lens but it was really hard for me because it was my first time. My eyes were very painful! Flooding with tears and very red. My first choices were blue or violet... but I ended up with violet. The contact lens color was sexy violet and eww sexy yoh face. HAHA :)) Also, my friend's mom was planning to throw my friends contact lenses because she wont allow her to wear it, so she decided to gave it to me but when I saw it, we have the same color and same brand, so I decline and told her to give it to someone else. So here is the biggest and close up picture of my contact lens which I purchased a two months ago...

I only used my contact lenses once in school because the day after that, they got lost.  When I woke up, I opened the case, and OMGOMGOMG! The other pair is lost. I have myself to blame for getting it lost because I am so pretty reckless and careless!

These are the only pictures that I took wearing my contact lenses... I really thought that I could wear it until the end of the month  but so bad, it got lost. fufufufuk :( But I am very happy because I got an experience wearing one and I learned a lesson about my careless thingy and oh shit who cares. Next time, I am planning to buy blue or green? I still dont know yet... What do you think would be the next color that I would try? Anyone?

End of my post. Sorry for wrong grammars and stuff. Thank you for reading (if you are) LOL. If you want me to follow your blogs, just tell me coz I am willing to follow yours also. Take care and Godbless.