Sunday, April 21, 2013

Giggles Cubeecraft

Hello. This is my first ever Cubeecraft that I made two months ago. It took me a while to post this because I was busy during that time and yes, maybe it’s a reason for me to forget getting this posted earlier. Anyway, this is my first attempt in making a Cubeecraft. I chose Giggles from Mondo Media/Film’s Happy Tree Friends as my “model” *lol* because she’s pink and it happened that I have a pink sheet of paper on the same time. I printed the layout from DeviantART and I really had a hard time in constructing Giggles’s arms and feet because I was confused with the template. First attempt didn’t turn out so well because of the arms and feet (i guess) huehuehue. My first choice was Danbo but I decided not to because… I want to become better so that someday, I can make a good-looking Danbo model. That’s why I’m trying and practicing. If you also want to try making one, just browse “Cubeecraft” on DeviantART and you will find so many other templates there. Also try on Google but I think it will still lead you to DeviantART. Hahaha, that’s it! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Late Post 4: Pikachu Paper Folding


Too busy creating more of this Pikachu paper folding. It's my attempt in making them so that's why it doesn't really look good and proper. I'll try to make more until I can make on perfectly haha. I drew and painted a lot of scrap because I was bored and I want to do something else that the everyday Internet.


Late Post 3: Good Friday

1-2.) Started another page of my mini art journal.
3.) The first thing that I made! Made it like a month ago. Only had the chance to take a picture of it now lol. "Always look again" I don't know why I chose that quote. Hahaha.
4.) Purplish food! Binignit and ube cake. I wonder why binignit is served to us annually (esp on Holy Week). Hahaha yum~


Late Post 2: Brownie Love

Sorry for this heavy photo post. I can't decide which photo to use. Yaay I have something to post on my Flickr photo stream too. Hahaha hashtag #latepost

Late Post 1

Painted this weeks ago using my abused watercolors. Inspired by an artist on Deviantart. I know my work is not that good but at least I tried. I hope I can make a better one soon. Hahahaha.