Rainbow Pancakes

Monday, May 21, 2012

Today I'm gonna show you how I came up with my Rainbow pancakes that I made few months ago. Damn, late post again! HAHAHA, yeah~ It's very simple and I know you guys can do it. This is my first try on making some rainbow pancakes and my finished product doesn't really look that pretty. I messed up the looks of the pancake but somehow I found a way to make it look good and tasty.

Le ingredients:
Hotcake mix, 1 egg, food coloring (red, blue, yellow), butter (not shown on le picture), and marshmallows. I'm not gonna type in the steps because I know that you have experienced in making one. I have this photo boom overload below and I guess the pictures can explain to you the steps. So so so scroll down! :)
 Mix blue + red to get  purple color, mix yellow and red to get orange, and yellow + blue to get green. Preschool. HAHAHA =)))

Heat up your frying pan with low heat. Use small amount of oil or butter.
TUHDUH! Here it is! My not-so good looking rainbow pancakes.

You can also add anything you like with your pancakes. In my case, I don't have a maple syrup. BOOH. This was supposed to be rainbow cupcake recipe but we don't have and oven. Maybe next time?

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  1. OMG! that is awesome! cool job! xoxo

  2. wow that's amazing. I've never seen sty. like that before. Candy sweet <3

  3. That's pretty cool! Fun breakfast! Love your blog---would you visit mine and if you like it, we can follow each other?

  4. Wow, so cool! Definitely gonna try this once :) Like your blog!


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