Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbow Pancakes

Today I'm gonna show you how I came up with my Rainbow pancakes that I made few months ago. Damn, late post again! HAHAHA, yeah~ It's very simple and I know you guys can do it. This is my first try on making some rainbow pancakes and my finished product doesn't really look that pretty. I messed up the looks of the pancake but somehow I found a way to make it look good and tasty.

Le ingredients:
Hotcake mix, 1 egg, food coloring (red, blue, yellow), butter (not shown on le picture), and marshmallows. I'm not gonna type in the steps because I know that you have experienced in making one. I have this photo boom overload below and I guess the pictures can explain to you the steps. So so so scroll down! :)
 Mix blue + red to get  purple color, mix yellow and red to get orange, and yellow + blue to get green. Preschool. HAHAHA =)))

Heat up your frying pan with low heat. Use small amount of oil or butter.
TUHDUH! Here it is! My not-so good looking rainbow pancakes.

You can also add anything you like with your pancakes. In my case, I don't have a maple syrup. BOOH. This was supposed to be rainbow cupcake recipe but we don't have and oven. Maybe next time?


  1. OMG! that is awesome! cool job! xoxo

  2. wow that's amazing. I've never seen sty. like that before. Candy sweet <3

  3. That's pretty cool! Fun breakfast! Love your blog---would you visit mine and if you like it, we can follow each other?

  4. Wow, so cool! Definitely gonna try this once :) Like your blog!