Photo Diary 1: Sembreak ▲

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Changed my schedule twice.
Enrollment = the most tiring day ever!
11/02/2012. Made some pancakes with my mother. No maple syrup :(
11/03/2012. Tried to draw/copy a photo (found on Tumblr) but I suck.
Also tried to draw Michelle Lobster "Imitatia" from FairyTail and a character from Wreck-it Ralph.
11/04/2012. Dried nail polish. My fault =(((((
Wrote a quote that I found on Twitter.
11/04/2012. Froze some chocolate drink for breakfast LOL.
Feeling ice cream lololol. 

So that's how the last week of my Sembreak went. I was alone during the enrollment 'cause I did not go together with my friends/block mates and ohh wow it was a tough job!!! Being alone during the enrollment process is already a big big accomplishment to me hahaha yay. One good thing that happened on the enrollment day: I got the priority number 20 and I feel so lucky and yes, blessed. Well it was really a long day and I can't believe I enrolled myself alone.  After tabulating my schedule next thing I realized, I don't have a Fil 33 class. I was like there's no way I'm not taking Filipino. So I found out that there's a way to take it by add/drop/change process of subjects. During the add/drop/change thingy lot of things happened and in the end I wasn't able to take the subject that I wanted awe and it's the saddest thing jk. So because of that I have to stick with my subjects/schedule but I changed the placement of  time/day of some subjs and yeahokokok. The next day I went to all of my classes and yea I found out that there's this one subject that only 3 of us students enrolled in and it might be dissolved and if ever it won't be, I'll still not be going. So I changed my schedule once more... I was hoping that I could be able to take Filipino already but still didn't happen. Well I have no choice but to make my plan B happen and luckily yes it did. I have more things to share about "my sembreak" but it seems to be that I easily forget things. Nah, nevermind. Hope you people will have pa great day! =)))))))))

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