Sneak for Sneakers

Friday, April 06, 2012

This would be my very first pair of sneakers in my age. YAY. First look seeing them, I was thinking twice but ended up buying them lol. The price is very affordable and cheapest sneaker evahr. I was thinking of saving up for Vans that looked like these but luckily I somehow found something similar to the Vans thing I want. I do care about the brand and quality that's why I wanted Vans. But then, I'm not that rich to have them instantly so whatebbaahh. Strolling in the mall few weeks ago, I also saw another sneaker that I might going to buy next. Well it depends if I'm going to earn some money. Heedee. I'm running out of shoes lately because my foot size is getting bigger as well as my weight lol. There's nothing really more to say. So I currently am searching for a summer job with my friends and preparing for college. Phew, still don't know what to take. Okay well, that's all. Have a great summer!

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  1. love your blog!


  2. Woo your first sneakers! They look great :)

  3. Love them! And your blog layout is great!

  4. I'm crazy about those sneakers! I love to wear them with dresses during summer :D

  5. beautiful sneakers!! the colour is great!


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