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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Here comes another 3D animated film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios "Wreck-It Ralph," I am so gonna wreck the world if I can't watch this movie. I have watched the trailer weeks ago and the story goes about an arcade game wrecking guy (wrecks  the building) who is sick with his role as a villain. He doesn't want to be the "bad" guy any longer and dreams of being a hero. For over 30 years, Ralph has been doing the same job and become tired of it and it must be nice to be the good guy. Well who won't get sick of being a villain and get no likes from everybody? HAHAHA. So as trailer shows, he abandoned his game and went to this Game Central Station and appears to another game called "Hero's Duty" and I don't know what'll happen next because I haven't watched the movie yet and it's still coming next picture on cinemas. I'm sure this is going to be another hilarious film!
Wreck-it Ralph Official Sound Track
Another reason why I was crazy and excited about the film because I love their OST "When Can I See You Again" by Owl City which is now one of my favorite song and in fact I used it as one of my Tumblr music background lol. I love the song so much because it's so fun and lively and I'm just so in love with Owl City. So I'm so excited to watch Wreck-it Ralph and I hope I won't be busy because class starts next week. This is going to be a good wrecking adventure with Wreck-it Ralph! I'm gonna wreck it!

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