Life is way too short

Monday, October 22, 2012

Third and last week of Sembreak and started the week fetching my grades from school and went on a date with Glyka because yolo lol. I went very early to school and find myself lost on the process. I was having a hard time finding where should I claim my grades but luckily I met and asked someone on how'll I do it. I thank you for life savers! So that's how my day went yesterday. Mehehe ;)

Today I started once again thinking and hopefully I could finally decide on what to do this coming enrollment. I've been very confused with my course and I don't know if I still want to pursue it. I keep on arguing with myself since the first semester which makes me a little depressed. Well, I think this is part of life where we have to decide on our own.  So I'll be using this whole day to think and think and think! Life is way too short to not make the most out of it. I hope I could make the right choice and make me not regret it.

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