Jennica. 081995. 17y/o stucked in a 13 year old's mind. Leo ♌. Peridot. City Of Golden Friendship. Philippines. Both happy and sad. Tumblr user since March 2011. WWE at '05. PG kid. Monday Night Raw.Team Cenation. STF. Attitude Adjustment. Saving up for Wrestlemania XXX. Anime. FairyTail. Sword Art Online. A "girl" who finds interest in: Architecture, Interior Design, Digital Art, Film & Animation, Photography, and Food  Ice cream. Chocolate. Oreo. Sweet Potato. Crinkles. Pancakes. Crayola. Sharpie. Faber Castell. Spray paint. Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal x This is Not A Book. Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Perks Of Being A Wallflower. The Sims 3. Retro. Vintage. Minimalism. Polaroid. Shirts. Galaxy. Stars. Birds. Bows. Triangles. Owl City. Outasight. Cobra Starship. 3OH!3.  The Ready Set. FOB. MCR. Miley Cyrus. Megan Fox. Nina Dobrev. Miranda Kerr. Barbara Palvin. Obsessed with: Logan Lerman. Robert Pattinson. Tom Daley. Toma Ikuta.  

"Respect is not given, it's earned" 

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