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January 2011.

First blog title, "Nothing To Blog" The title itself explains everything. I seriously got nothing to blog.

Weeks after the NOTHING TO BLOG face, I changed it to Shake Up the Happiness (got it from the band Train with their song Shake Up Christmas)
Changed my header again. This was my long time banner. Used this for a long period since I don't have a blog title LOL

March 2O12.

After NOT-SO posting on my blog for long month intervals. I've finally found a good blog title, UNLOCK YOUR INNER AWESOMENESS from the movie Kung Fu Panda LOL. But then, I change my blog title again just this March 2O12 to, "Draw Your Life" Why? Because I don't know why :|

May 2O12. (recent)

Unlock Your Inner Awesomeness. My recent blog name. I think I'll be using this for a long time since I like it so much :) Mehehehe.

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